Bauhaus's first single became a spooky-sexy Goth anthem, but the song is built on music from some of the sunniest places imaginable. Plus: 7+ hour Halloween mix.
Loretta Lynn won fans as her songs were banned by radio, singing the truths she knew.
The 50th anniversary of David Bowie's endeavor to save one of his favorite bands.
Smooth, suave, and seductive, Roxy Music's swan song captures how romance is both a beginning and an end. [Summer of '82, pt. 6]
He left Depeche Mode after writing their hits. She left school to sing in pubs with R&B bands and didn't even like synth pop. Of course they made…
The Wilson Brothers took Greenwood, Archer and Pine Streets (and Tulsa's dark history) all over the world. [Summer of '82 pt. 4]
The idiosyncratic Celtic Soul of a contrarian one hit wonder, [Summer of '82 pt. 3]
The song that took Hip-Hop beyond the party. [Summer of '82, pt. 2]
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