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“Scott Frampton takes a knowledgeable deep dive into the history of a different song every week. He covers a wide variety of genres. The August 5th issue is about the 1978 power pop song “Starry Eyes,” by The Records. I loved this song when it came out, and Frampton’s definition of power pop is the best I’ve read” — Mark Frauenfelder, The Magnet

The Best Song Ever (This Week) is a short piece of music writing focusing on a song, its artist, and its history. It’s a deep dive but not one that takes too long. There are relevant playlists. Expect a short bit about wine or cocktails as well.

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A short, deep dive into a song and what makes it special. Different genres, different eras -- old, new (but probably old).


Scott Frampton

Back-in-the-day CMJ New Music Monthly Editor-in-Chief | Birthed R.I.Y.L. | Writer of music stuff for Esquire, Oprah & more